Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your hours of operation?
The Hudson Housing Authority Office is open Monday-Friday, 8:30AM to 4:30PM.

Q: What waiting lists are currently open?
The waiting lists for our Brigham Circle and Normal Oliver Village Elderly/Disabled public housing developments are open. The centralized Section 8 waiting list is open. You may put your name on the Centralized Waiting List by using the website: Our MRVP waiting list is currently closed.

Q: How do I apply for Housing Programs?
You can pick up an application for housing at the Hudson Housing Authority Office, 8 Brigham Circle, Hudson, MA during normal business hours. You may download an application off our website, or you may call and have one mailed to you.

Q: Can I look at a unit before I apply?
The Hudson Housing Authority does not keep units open for viewing. Our maintenance staff works hard to renovate units as quickly as possible so the next person on our list can be housed. Once you apply and your name comes to the top of the list, you will be made a written offer of a specific unit. At that time, you can call to schedule an appointment to view the unit. For a general idea of the size of our units, you may view the unit layouts on the properties page. Please keep in mind that these are the general dimensions and square footage of a typical unit, but not all of our units are designed exactly the same. We cannot guarantee applicants any specific unit.

Q: How long is the wait for housing?
The wait on each list varies, and it is impossible to give anything but an estimated amount of time. It is best that you ask this question after your application has been entered into the Waiting List system so we can try to give you an estimated answer based on your current placement in the waiting list.

Q: Whom do I call if something isn't working properly in my apartment?
During normal business hours, contact the Hudson Housing Authority office at (978) 562-9268 ext. 3 to request a work order. Maintenance staff will address the issue as soon as they can.
If you have a routine maintenance issue while our office is closed, please call the Office at (978) 562-9268 ext. 3 and leave a message. A work order will be processed, as soon as possible, when the office is open.
If you have an urgent maintenance issue that cannot wait until normal business hours, please call our office at (978) 562-9268 ext. 9 to page on-call maintenance.
In the case of an emergency, always call 911.